Five Simple, But Effective, Ways To Improve Your Home Exterior

Creating a gorgeous home worth showing off to your friends and family requires performing a few simple exterior maintenance steps that will make it look better than ever. The following five home improvement procedures are easy to perform and will get your home looking great in no time. Each has its own advantages and home-style-boosting power that will be discussed in-depth in each individual section.

Don’t be afraid to hire a contractor to perform these home improvement procedures, as they can identify safe and effective ways of implementing them. They can also save you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes that are hard to avoid if you’re an amateur performing them on your own. Any one of these steps will improve your home’s exterior style, but getting them all will create a truly unforgettable home exterior.

Creating Gorgeous Garden Paths


If you have a garden or are interested in installing one in your yard, a garden path is a great way to accentuate the natural beauty of your home. Gravel, stone, or concrete paths winding through your garden create a great style enhancement that will make your home look more appealing. It will also create a useful way of gaining access to your delicate garden areas, allowing you to apply pesticides, compost, and other important garden maintenance procedures.

A good contractor can install multiple winding paths through your garden which you can decorate with items, such as lawn gnomes, concrete animal, and other decorative items that will give your home a fun and whimsical look that will make it stand out from your neighbors.

Adding Comfortable Outdoor Gazebo Sitting Area

Sitting outside in your yard is a fun way to enjoy warm summer weather. This is especially true if you create a comfortable gazebo sitting area that integrates nice looking chairs, tables, and a useful grill that you can use to host fun outdoor grilling parties with your friends and family members. A good gazebo also needs a sitting area made out of wood or concrete on which you can place all your items.

Where should you place a gazebo? That will depend on your yard and your home. A contractor will help you decide this, but you’ll typically want a gazebo fairly close to your home and usually between it and your garden. This will create a comfortable area that looks great and serves a useful purpose.

Maintaining Your Lawn And Tree Health

Keeping your lawn and your trees looking great is one of the most important ways to improve your home’s exterior style. Keep your grass cut short and fertilize it at appropriate times to promote better health. Take appropriate pesticide management procedures by calling a pesticide contractor to keep destructive pests (such as army worms and grubs) out of your lawn and away from your home.

Next you need to trim any wild tree branches that may look ugly or threaten the structure of buildings, like your home or garage. Fertilizing your tress can help them live longer and look better. Last, but not least, cutting down dead trees will not only eliminate an ugly eyesore, but open up your yard for more improvements.

Add New Siding, Doors, And Windows

The exterior of your home must also be updated by adding new siding, windows, and doors to your home. Over the years, your siding is likely to fade in color or get stained. Replace it with new siding to add an immediate style increase to your home. This is especially true if you pair its color with other home improvements in your yard, such as a fence, garage, or gazebo.

Old-fashioned windows and doors may seem stylish, but they are more likely to be an eyesore that need to be removed. Newer windows and doors will not only look better, but will provide your home with increased energy efficiency that will decrease your heating and cooling bills.

Installing A Nice Fence


Last, but certainly not least, is adding a good looking fence to your home. The best looking fences will create a nice contained and orderly look to your home that will make it stand out. A fence company will inspect your yard, find a good place to install your fence, and talk to you about your various fencing material options.

One of the most popular of these is a wood fence. A good wood fence looks old-fashioned and appropriate with just about any home. However, iron fences are often a popular choice for more modern homes, particularly when paired with a mechanical gate. This simple home improvement option also offers you the benefit of greater home and yard security.

Choosing A Contractor

As you can see, each of these steps is a beneficial way of improving the look of your home’s exterior and providing you with a gorgeous exterior of which you can be proud. When deciding which of these procedures you want to implement in your home, shop around before choosing a contractor, fence company, or home improvement specialist.


There are many of these companies available across the country and they will work hard to identify ways to improve the appearance of your yard and your home. They will install gorgeous garden paths, improve the siding and window appearance of your home, and add a new fence system that will give your home the great and beautiful style you’ve always wanted.

Things to know before building a fence

Things to know before building a fence  


At some point in time you will need to install a fence on your property for variety of reasons. You could adding a fence in order to keep your pets in the yard or to block noise as well as increasing your privacy. Having a fence not just enhances the security but also lends a decorative element to the home’s exterior. Here are few things to know before installing a fence around your property.

Choose the right material

Curved FenceMost of the people settle for the elegant looking white picket fence but one should understand that it requires a huge amount of maintenance over time. Wood fencing suffers from staining and rots over time and its life span can be limited. On other hand low cost materials such as Vinyl fencing offers the same kind of wooden finish but doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance and tends to last longer. Some of the other popular materials include wrought iron, and aluminum.



Mix different types of fences

wood and iron fenceIf you are looking to reign in the cost related to fencing then mix different types of fences. You can opt for installing a wood fence at the front and connect it with chain link fencing at the back. You can even add more than two fencing types in order to save more on the overall installation cost but it could lead to an increase in the maintenance cost.





Hire professionals

Fence installation is far more complex and harder to implement than it looks and it is a great idea to find a local Fence company or contractor for the job. Don’t forget to ask to see examples of the earlier fence installation before hiring. Having a look at earlier fence installation examples will help in generating some great ideas for your own fence.

A white house with a wooden fence. Knoxville TN

Tips to Successfully Kick Off Your Spring Fence Plans

Tips to Successfully Kick Off Your Spring Fence Plans

After the cold season, spring will come, being the best moment to start your works around the house. Building a new fence, or replacing a new one, should definitely be on the list. Fences are more than just boundaries to your property, having a protective role as well. But, even if spring is a few months away, you have to start planning everything in an early manner, starting as soon as possible. You see, if you need a contractor to start working on your fence when spring arrives, you will be surprised to find them all booked, as there are many other people that will think the same. So this is the first tip to successfully kick off your spring fence plans. Check out the services offered by Lucky Fencing Company and schedule fence appointment as soon as possible.

When the weather permits, do some measurements of the area you need to be fenced, so you can help the company give you some approximate costs for your fence. Of course, the final costs will depend based on the measurements our Knoxville Fence Company’s specialists do and the type of wood you will choose for your fence. So expect the final costs to differ in the end, but some early measurements will help you plan your budget carefully as well. You will be surprised to get valuable information and advice about how a durable fence can be made, by our professional team. When it comes to putting up a fence in Knoxville, Lucky Fencing is the best in town, offering personalized solutions for your requirements.

If you never had a fence on your property before, you may need to do a survey of your property, to determine its limits. You should ask one of Knoxville Fence experts to visit the location, to present your plans and see if that is necessary. In some cases, the limits can be determined by the presence of pins that are still in the ground, or by other means. Our representatives will know if we need to do a survey or not, as this is another aspect when it comes to building a new fence. In case you are wondering why you should choose a fence building company, instead of prefabricated panels, for your fence, the answer will lie in the degree of customization and unique appearance. A fence made to fit your needs and style will always look apart, different from what you will find in series made products.

Last, but not least, when you are choosing the best fence contractor that will take care of your future fence, they should have a good reputation and customer feedback. Our Knoxville Fence Company has some of the best reviews, managing to satisfy countless customers in time, delivering them the best available fences. We are also opened to your ideas, but will also make useful suggestions so that you can enjoy a durable fence, spend your budget in a wise manner, and have the design that fits your personality and property in the best way.

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Prepare Fence for Winter, Fence Company Knoxville, Commercial Fence

How to Prepare Your Fence for Winter!

Prepare Fence for Winter, Fence Company Knoxville, Commercial Fence


How to Prepare Your Fence for Winter!

With winter coming up soon it is time to start to thinking about preparing your house and family for the chilly weather.  One item that can often be overlooked if your fence, but it is very important that you prepare your fence for the winter months.  The winter storms can cause enormous damage to your fence that will just end up costing your more money in the end.  Following these steps then you will not have to pay the fees of fence installation to replace the broken fence.  If you do need a fence contractor to help you install a new fence or to ask about how to prepare your fence for winter go to Knoxville Fence Company.

Winter storms can cause a wide variety of damage to your fences.  First of all debris from these storms can smash into your fence, which will cause different amounts of damage depending on how strong the storm is.  The changes in weather can also influence the internal structure and cause it to change, especially if your fence is made out of wood.  This can cause damage by itself, but this also opens up the opportunity for other problems such as mold and mildew.  Another big source of damage can come from the driver of a snow-plow when removing snow and not using the snow-plow correctly.  Also, if you leave the snow piled up against your fence then there will be more moisture into the material, which can cause mold and mildew when left for long extended periods.

One of the best ways to prevent these damages from occurring is to apply a sealant yearly to keep moisture from seeping into your fence material.  It is also a good idea to visual inspect your fence for any signs of mold or mildew by jostling the posts to see if they come loose and by tapping any suspicious section to listen for internal rot.  If you are ever unsure call your local fence contractor to inspect and replace your fence with stronger materials.  Another important tip is to remove any branches that look prone to breaking off especially if they are large in size.

By following these tips you will be sure to protect your fence to avoid paying for a new fence installation once winter is over.  And if you ever need help call Lucky Fencing to keep your fence looking as good as new as long as possible.