Things to know before building a fence

Things to know before building a fence  


At some point in time you will need to install a fence on your property for variety of reasons. You could adding a fence in order to keep your pets in the yard or to block noise as well as increasing your privacy. Having a fence not just enhances the security but also lends a decorative element to the home’s exterior. Here are few things to know before installing a fence around your property.

Choose the right material

Curved FenceMost of the people settle for the elegant looking white picket fence but one should understand that it requires a huge amount of maintenance over time. Wood fencing suffers from staining and rots over time and its life span can be limited. On other hand low cost materials such as Vinyl fencing offers the same kind of wooden finish but doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance and tends to last longer. Some of the other popular materials include wrought iron, and aluminum.



Mix different types of fences

wood and iron fenceIf you are looking to reign in the cost related to fencing then mix different types of fences. You can opt for installing a wood fence at the front and connect it with chain link fencing at the back. You can even add more than two fencing types in order to save more on the overall installation cost but it could lead to an increase in the maintenance cost.





Hire professionals

Fence installation is far more complex and harder to implement than it looks and it is a great idea to find a local Fence company or contractor for the job. Don’t forget to ask to see examples of the earlier fence installation before hiring. Having a look at earlier fence installation examples will help in generating some great ideas for your own fence.

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  • Gregory Willard

    I have been wanting to add a fence to my back yard to help with our dog. I had no idea that vinyl fencing required less maintenance than a wooden fence. I also had no idea that you could get it in a wood finish. I have always loved the look of wooden fences. Thanks for the information.

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