High Quality Electric Fencing

Keep your livestock, horses and small pets safely contained and protected from predators with our innovative collection of electric fences.

Electric fencing is also an excellent choice for farmers and gardeners who want to protect their valuable plants, flowers and vegetables from deer, rabbits and other garden pests.


  • Much cheaper than a traditional fence. Traditional fences can cost thousands of dollars to install but you can get a top of the line DIY electric dog fence for less than $500.
  • Much quicker and easier to install than many types of traditional fences.
  • Easier to maintain than a traditional fence.
  • Won’t block your view.
  • Ideal for neighborhoods that have restrictions on physical barriers.
  • Your dog can’t jump over, dig under or chew through an electric dog fence.
  • In-ground electric dog fences can be used on almost any type of landscape — heavily wooded areas, rocky terrain, lots of hills and even under water — places where installing a traditional fence would be very difficult or impractical.